Cambodian police arrest 10 men on suspicion of forming illegal armed forces

Cambodian police have arrested 10 men on suspicion of forming illegal armed forces against the government, according to the news website of the National Police on Thursday. “Our police launched an operation and arrested those suspects Wednesday night and Thursday morning in two districts in Phnom Penh capital,”National Police spokesman Kirt Chantharith said in the website.

He said the suspects are the members of the Khmer National Liberation Front (KNLF), which is an anti-government movement. During the raids, police had seized a number of materials as evidence.

The website said the KNLF was founded in December 2012 by Sam Serei and accomplices, who live in Denmark.

It added that this group has a plot to topple the Cambodian government through forming illegal armed forces, sending spies to key military locations, distributing anti-government leaflets and training terrorists along Thai border.

In April, a Cambodian court convicted 13 KNLF men of treason through forming illegal armed forces and sentenced them between five and nine years in prison. Only seven of the convicts have been serving their jail terms since six others had fled the country. Endi

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